10 Tips to Choose the Best Designer Salwar Kameez

10 Tips to Choose the Best Designer Salwar Kameez

salwar-kameez-1Salwar Kameez is a trendy fashionable outfit that every lady must have in their closet. It is always good that every woman gets the right Salwar Kameez that is perfectly fitting them and looking elegant on them. Usually, the way we dress tells a lot about us and you want your outside to reflect your inside. You cannot afford to mess up your look because of choosing the wrong outfit. The sad truth is that all of us have little flaws and so the way you dress up can hide the flaws and make you look super elegant. For that matter, the choice of Salwar Kameez matters a lot and for that reason, I have outlined below the top 10 tips to choose the best designer Salwar Kameez.

10. Body Type

Every woman has to understand their body types and sizes in order to decide on the best designer to choose for their Salwar Kameez. Different designers have different sizes and styles for different sizes of women. Always choose a Salwar Kameez that fits you well and looks great in your body.

9.  Height

As we all know, Salwar Kameez can be very long and if you are short, that will be a nuisance to you. Before buying a Salwar Kameez, you should know your height and go for the Salwar Kameez designer who is offering the correct length for you. If you are short, you may want to appear taller so going for a Salwar Kameez that is a few inches below your knees would be perfect in order to flatter your legs and make you look taller.

8. The Right Salwar Kameez Color

Our skin color and tone are a major determinant in the choice of Salwar Kameez. If your skin is darker, light shaded Salwar Kameez or the medium colored ones will look great in you. Dark skinned ladies should avoid light colors that are too bright such that they contrast your skin. On the other hand, light skinned people can rock Salwar Kameez in almost any color. Bright colors look perfect on them and so they are a great choice,. The body size also matters in determining the designer to choose for your Salwar Kameez because slimmer women look good in nearly any color, but the plus-size women should go for dull colors with few bright details.

7. Salwar Kameez Designs

Salwar Kameez comes in different designs. Some floral and others are abstract. If you are a younger woman, you may prefer to get the flowered Salwar Kameez so make sure to get a designer who has the best floral prints in stock. The older women however prefer simpler Salwar Kameez because they are perfect for their age and most of the occasions they will attend. In that case, every woman should go for a designer who suits her preference accordingly.

6. The Sleeves and Neck

Plus size women will find themselves comfortable in long sleeved Salwar Kameez outfits, not just because they look great in them but also because they cover up your arms, creating a slimmer impression as all the fats around your arms are not displayed in the open. I strongly advice that plus-size women avoid sleeveless Salwar Kameez in order to look fabulous and be comfortable. For the slim girls and women, sleeveless or sleeved Salwar Kameez will do right for you but sleeveless is better so that you do not look extremely tiny.

The neck shape is a major determinant when it comes to choosing the right Salwar Kameez designer so go for the designer who offers you your preferred neck shape. Plus-size women look great in round necked outfits and slimmer ones in v-necked Salwar Kameez.

designer-salwar-kameez-15. The Salwar Kameez Style

Every designer has different styles for their Salwar Kameez. Before choosing the designer you want, make sure that the styles that they have are suitable for you and that you actually like them. The whole point of wearing a Salwar Kameez is to look and feel sexy in them so that should not be compromised. Whether you prefer the basic, straight or any other trending Salwar Kameez , make sure to choose a designer who offers the exact thing that you need. The style you choose ought to look great in you.

4. Right Salwar Kameez Fitting

Every woman should feel comfortable in their nice Salwar Kameez so the fitting has to be good. I always tell my plus-sized women to avoid super tight Salwar Kameez because they exaggerate their curves and flesh, which may not look too attractive and appropriate. For these reasons, bigger girls and women should go for loose fitting Salwar Kameez, but not too loose to make them look shorter and bigger. Women with slimmer shapes can get either tight or loose Salwar Kameez.

3. The right Salwar Kameez Fabric

The fabrics in the market are so many I do not even know most of them apart from the usual cotton, silk, linen, satin, chiffon, and wool. The people who will help you with that are the Salwar Kameez designers.

If you are a plus-size beautiful lady, soft fabrics will be more suitable for you such as Polyester, Chiffon, soft cotton, silk, linen among others. Let your Salwar Kameez designer understand your needs and they will choose the right fabric for you.

Slim ladies can opt for thick cotton clothes as they make them appear bigger and add on to their figure, flattering their bodies. Other good fabrics like jute, spandex blend cotton and others will look good in skinny women. Stretchable fabric is also a good choice for slim and plus-size women who do not have a problem with really tight fitting clothes. You may not want to wear stretchy fabrics when it’s hot though.

2. Salwar Kameez Cost

This is a very crucial factor to consider when considering the best designer Salwar Kameez to buy. Your choice should be pocket friendly so go for a Salwar Kameez that you can afford comfortably. There is no point of stressing yourself with purchasing expensive designer Salwar Kameez and then you go hungry. Be wise and go for the affordable choice.

1. Salwar Kameez Quality

The quality of your Salwar Kameez should not be taken for granted. Although most designer Salwar Kameez are high quality, you should always be conscious because some counterfeits are also in the market. Good quality Salwar Kameez look great and make you appear extremely stunning.

Summing it all up, it is very important that every woman puts the above discussed factors into consideration in order to choose the best designer Salwar Kameez in the market. The major key pointers to always consider is your skin color, height, fitting, designs, fabric, the cost and of course, the quality must be really good.