20 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

20 Fashion Tips For Plus Size Women

Woman is a fantastic creation of the Almighty. She has the capacity to carry any dress on herself. We say this because we have seen women conduct themselves gracefully in coats and suits too. However, it is women wear that she is most comfortable and charming to look at. After all, it is nature. Women come in different shapes and sizes. The Plus size women or the better-endowed women as we shall refer them have a disadvantage as far as clothing is concerned. We shall discuss some 20 tips on dressing up a better-endowed woman.

  1. Know your shape and dress accordingly:

You should wear clothes appropriate to your shape. Either better-endowed women have a rectangular shape or a pear shaped body. You can choose your clothes to balance out these shapes and look presentable.

  1. Know what works in your favor:

You should note that not every trendy and fashionable clothes might fit you properly. You may not be able to pull off all the trends. However, you should stick to classical styles. They always look trendy.

  1. Give emphasis to your assets:

The very term “better-endowed” indicates that you have greater assets than your slimmer counterparts do. You should wear dresses to emphasize them in ample measure.

  1. Experiment with colors:

Colors can always enhance the look of any person. You should be bold enough to choose contrasting colors to emphasize the areas you wish. You can wear a colorful necklace to go with your dresses. Wearing contrasting colors is always advisable.

  1. Dabble a lot in accessories:

You should do your best to divert the attention to places other than your body. You should splurge on accessories such as jewelry, handbags, and bangles. This can distract the attention of the viewer and make them focus on the accessories.

  1. Make the correct choice of undergarments:

Your undergarments are equally important. You should choose the right kind of undergarments. They should not overemphasize your shape. In case you choose the right ones, you can feel comfortable and cozy.

  1. Wear the right fit:

You should not be shy to wear figure-hugging outfits. You should never use baggy clothes, as they tend to swamp your figure. You should always try to wear your size without any inhibition.

  1. Tailor your dress:

You will not be able to find the right size at a readymade garment shop. You should always go for a tailored dress. This can fit perfectly and enhance your appearance manifold. It may cost a bit more but the excess amount is worth the expenditure.

  1. Size is just a formality:

You have great assets. You should not be afraid to purchase clothing to fit you. Size should not be a matter of concern. If your size is large, so be it. You should never be ashamed of your size. You should wear the dress in which you feel comfortable.

  1. Know your assets:

You should never feel shy to disclose your measurements to the garment designers. You should know your strengths. Your clothes should be able to display your assets to the best possible degree. This assumes great importance especially when you shop online.

  1. Shop online and indulge yourselves:

The online shop is the best place for you to purchase your dresses. Many online stores have plus sizes in their collection. You can shop with gay abandon at these online shops. You should know your measurements to be able to do so without any inhibition.

  1. Do not be afraid to reinvent yourself:

Bigger size women tend to feel depressed with their size. You should never loathe reinventing yourself. You can always have a perfect makeover. You should accept your limitations and try to revamp within the same. This can increase your confidence to high levels.

  1. Have imaginative accessories:

You have a range of accessories such as scarves, necklaces, chains, and rings to choose. You should always give more attention to such items to distract the attention of the viewer and make him look for such accessories.

  1. Be bold with your shoes:

You can try out a whole range of exotic shoes. You can try out the most extravagant ones. This will force people to give more attention to the shoes and make you stand out in the crowd. This requires tremendous guts. You should be having them to surprise the party folk.

  1. Plump for small patterns:

You are a woman with tremendous assets. You should not try to acquire dresses with extravagant designs and patterns. The small patterns suit you the most. They are in contrast to your size and hence can play an attention-dividing factor to the “T.”

  1. Be generous with your make up:

This should be your area of strength. Be generous with your make up and try to augment the already beautiful personality that you possess.

  1. Make a correct choice of fabrics:

You should invest in high quality fabrics. Polyester fabrics would look very cheap and demeaning on your body. Silk and cotton clothing suit you the best.

  1. To Hell with the Rules:

There may be many do’s and don’ts as far as fashion is concerned. These rules should go for a toss. You should do what suits you the best.

  1. Indulge yourself:

This is your body and you should be proud of it. You should never feel shy of expressing yourself forcefully through clothes.

  1. This is the time to wear it:

Never try to buy clothes of a smaller size in the hope that you will fit into it. Always live in the present and have a blast with your perfectly fitting clothes.

There you have it, 20 fashion tips for Plus size women.




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