Best Plus Size Desi Dresses for your Body Shape

Best Plus size Desi dresses for your body shape

Women are special in their own way. They have the ability to look stunning even in the most ordinary of dresses. However, women also come in various shapes and sizes. You can find innumerable plus-size women in the world. “Plus size” does not necessarily mean fat. Women can be extremely slim and tall too. Such women also classify as “plus size” women. We need not talk about the normal size woman at all and will concentrate on the best plus size desi dresses for the women with curves. We shall discuss some best clothing for such women.

  1. Plus size Salwar Kameez Churidar:

People usually have a wrong notion that better-endowed women cannot carry out designer dresses with élan. It is partly true that designer dressmakers have the image of a slim woman with a perfect figure. However, plus size women can look equally stunning in designer clothes. The Salwar is a loose fitting garment of the lower part of the human anatomy. It does not make a difference whether the woman is fat or thin. In fact, it makes a thin woman look beefed up. You can match the Kameez to suit your body. You may not be able to locate the perfect fit in a readymade shop. You can always purchase the cloth and ask a tailor to stitch it to your specifications. You will save out on a number of alterations too. You will get the size you need.

  1. Plus size Anarkali dress:

The Anarkali dress is a colorful variant of the Churidar salwar kameez. These long flowing garments look bewitching on the better-endowed women rather than the slim woman. This Anarkali dress can augment her assets and display them in their full glory. The Anarkali kameez is a figure hugging dress. This can look stunning on you and make you feel special. The loose pleats add to the beauty of the garment. Many women in the northern part of India and Pakistan do wear this Anarkali suits. Many Indian women in this part of the country are “size plus” women. In fact, the Salwar kameez is the best Desi dress for a plus size woman.

  1. Punjabi suit:

The Punjabi suit is very much similar to the Churidar kameez. There are differences though. Punjabi women are by nature heftier than other Indian women are. The Punjabi suit is perfect for women with a heavy build. You should not wear loosely fitting dresses. This would enhance your figure even further. You should always go for perfectly fitting clothes. You may not find them in the local store. You should either shop online or go for tailor made suits. The online shops have become a sort of a haven for the plus size women. There are separate sections for such women. They can shop from the privacy of their homes and that too at their own leisure. Punjabi suits are the best option for Desi women. However, they should understand that they should not go for vibrant colors and patterns. They should stick to small patterns and designs. This would look good on their bodies.

  1. Tunics:

Tunics look great on plus size women. This is a long flowing top worn on top of the Churidar or the Salwar. This is different from the kurtis in the sense that kurtis have a greater and elaborate deign. The tunic could simply prove useful for such women. They look classy and trendy too. You should take care not to wear figure-hugging tunics. They look awkward on you, overemphasize your assets, and make you look grotesque. In case you are a short woman, try to wear tunics with vertical stripes. They can give you a feeling of height. In case you are a tall woman, always plump for horizontal stripes.

  1. Kurtis and Jeans:

Many people have the wrong notion that jeans are the prerogative of slim women. Even the plus size woman would look great in a pair of jeans. You should ensure that the jeans should not be very tight. They can be loose and baggy type. You can wear a kurti over it and look as elegant as ever. “Plus size” women should avoid wearing T-shirts. It has the capacity to embarrass you. You can wear a simple kurti or an embroidered one. However, you should note not to go in for extravagant colors. They can do more harm than good to your figure.

The “Plus Size” woman has an advantage over their slim counterparts in the fact they need not add any extra clothing to augment their assets. They have the best already.  Choosing the best plus size desi dresses for your body shape can make you look great using the perfect combination of jewelry and clothes. They should choose their colors carefully or may end up making a spectacle of themselves.