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Desi Designer Fashion Trends for 2017

Desi Designer Fashion Trends For 2017

No doubt, New Year brings many new things and hopes with itself. Same is the case with fashion styles. With the arrival of New Year, new trends and fashions can be seen. What’s the best part of a new year is it showcases the latest plus size plus size desi fashion trends and brings two fashion weeks full of new styles, innovative ideas and classy designs. From clothes to shoes to bags to accessories, your world is introduced to new collection. Isn’t it lovely – well yes, like me you are even excited.

From September and February, we can see many fashion week shows. Between spring and summer or autumn and winter- there is pre-fall of fashion trends. The famous designers disclose smaller part of their collection on the runway shows. Here, they present their casual and formal outfits.

Generally, pre-fall of the designs are a kind of preview of designs which make trends in coming days.  These fashion shows also allow the shoppers to get a head on upcoming trends.

The gossip about desi designer fashion trends for 2017 is in the air. Every New Year introduces its latest and new trends. Now, everybody is talking about the latest cuts and bright hues of 2017s winter collection. To keep up with latest design trends, fashionistas are reverently on a look for blogs and magazines that can keep them updated.

As much as western clothes are becoming popular, the eastern clothes have also made their mark in the fashion world. Each year, they are improvised with new styles to spruce up your wardrobe.

In this article we will discuss the New Year’s trends for Indian and Pakistani ladies who live in US and UK. Being so far from their homeland these ladies must remember their country from its trends. The ladies from US and UK also keep themselves aware of new trends of 2017.

Let’s discuss new and upcoming desi fashion trends:

Salwar Kameez Trends:

Yes! The salwar kameez trend is back in for 2017. For past few years,  trousers and caprices had hit our very trendy wardrobe. But now in 2017 the fashion of salwar and kameez is back. Usually, salwar and kameez are taken as the cultural dress.  It is the only clothing that gives the complete traditional and supreme look to the women no matter where she lives. It is considered as the national dress of subcontinent where it is the most likeable dress among the women.

You can pair it with either short shirts or long knee length shirts for an elegant look. Salwar with itself has brought back the knee length shirt leaving behind the floor touching trend 2017 we can see that long shirts are back in trend. With the shirt, you may wear pajamas or cigarette pants. This will give you the elegant look. In the same time, we have left the trend of medium length shirts as well. The salwar kameez trends of 2017 is going to be the best clothing choice in this winter season.

Now salwar kameez is not the simple traditional wear but is improvised with new designs to give it an oomph factor. We can see the huge difference between the old salwar kameez trend and the latest salwar kameez trend as they are adorned with embellishments and stylish silhouettes. Now, this fashion trend has become the dream come true of an eastern and traditional woman.

Kurta/Kurti/Tunic Trends:

For the fashion bugs, there is news about kurti trends. Yes! The kurti trend has taken its place in 2017. As we all know the fashion world is ever changing what comes this year may be out in the next year. So, take a look here and keep yourself updated with latest trends .

Kurtis are an amalgamation of western and eastern fashion. That is why,  plus size kurti trends are as good for US and UK as for India and Pakistan. It gives the stunning look and also helps the girls to look eastern. For the girl’s fashion, the market is full of designer kurtis as well. Every kind of kurti from casual to formal kurtis is available in the market. They make you look pretty and gorgeous. These kurtis can be worn with pants or bell bottoms.

The fashion of kurtis has spread so rapidly. Many designers are launching their kurtis with different prints, colors, and designs. There are embroidered kurtis too. The fashion of embroidery has also made its ground in 2017. They can be purchased easily from any Pakistani or Indian shop and are perfect for any occasion. Whether you are going to a party or going for a movie the kurti is a suitable dress for a modest look.

New Delhi: Models display the creation of fashion designers JJ Valaya, Alpana and Neeraj during the grand finale of Amazon India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017 in New Delhi on Oct 16, 2016. (Photo: Amlan Paliwal/IANS)

Latest Plus Size Salwar Kameez Designs:

As the fashion of salwar kameez is in for 2017 everyone would like to follow it. But if you are bulky then how you will compete with new fashions? If you are worried and also want to follow the latest fashion trends then there is good news for you. You may find latest plus size salwar kameez designs. Keeping the fashion in mind designers has launched their plus sizes too. Now you can take salwar kameez of any designer. As the fashion of salwar kameez is in for 2017 the plus size is also available. You also can find your required size from online sources.

As we all know that online sites have replaced traditional shops making it easier for shopaholics. You can find various online websites selling eastern clothes. So, for plus size no need to be worried because it is easily available online. From online store, you can pick your size and design to get a home delivery. Not only you find Salwar kameez but also latest kurti designs in plus size. As the fashion of kurtis is in for 2017 so, you can experience many latest trendy designs in kurtis like:

  1. Embroidered kurtis
  2. Printed kurtis
  3. kurtis with motifs on them.
  4. Short kurtis with bell bottoms or narrow trousers.
  5. Long kurtis with pants or loose trousers.
  6. kurtis of digital prints.
  7. kurtis with designs of animals or birds.

This year, you can find variety of kurtis for everyone. Grab for yourself the latest kurti style without a doubt. Along with designs, there are numbers of sizes and colors too.

Colors for 2017

We can see that every color is in fashion for 2017. But multi color has hit the fashion world this year. The scales of gray and nude hues are out of fashion. The good part of multi color trend is that it makes you look and feel lively and energetic.

If you want to opt for single tones, then choose bright colors like red, orange and royal blue for wintry chill. Pair it up with a multicolor accessory for a trendy look.

However, these trends are globally accepted and followed but orthodox might want to follow trends that are popular in their community. So incorporate these fashion trends with your traditional outfits to stay trendy as well as cultural.

As your style speaks about you so follow those trends that suit your personality. Do not choose that fashion which does not go with your image. Try to avoid that fashion which makes you look vulgar. Do fashion within your limits.