Difference between Kurta and Kurti

Difference between Kurta and Kurti

Looking beautiful and trendy is the desire of everyone equally for men and women. But we all know girls are more curious about latest trends as compared to boys. They wanted themselves up to the mark on every occasion. As we all know fashion varies with the passage of time. The dress up trends does not remain the same. We can experience that fashion also varies from time to time and country to country. In this article, we will discuss the new Kurta and Kurti fashion trends for Indian and Pakistani women who live in US and UK.

Women living in the western countries still prefer to wear eastern clothes as it connects them with their roots. But, it does not mean that those women are conservative and stay out of fashion. Those sub-continental women in US or UK also keep themselves up-to-date. They can adopt any fashion and it is a truth that there is a huge demand of Sub-continental clothes in US and UK. So, any fashion that is in for Pakistan or India can be seen in US and UK.

Keeping new trends in mind these ladies have the perfect choice of kurtas and kurtis. Now the question is what is the difference between kurta and kurti? The main difference between these two is that kurta is a loose outfit for women. On the other hand, kurti is a tight and comparatively shorter outfit. Kurta and kurti have different styles and sizes too. Now we will discuss their different types.

Plus size kurta:

The small, medium and the large are the main and easily available sizes of kurtas. Except these three we also can get extra large and double extra large. What about bulky and fat women will they stay out of fashion? Definitely not, the designers have introduced the plus size kurtas. The plus size kurta is best for the bulky women. The plus size kurta can help them to hide their extra fat bodies and also keep them fashionable.

Plus size kurti:

The origin of name kurti is India. The Indian has given the name kurti to a short and tight shirt. So, like India and Pakistan, the kurtis are very much in fashion trends in US and UK. Like kurtas, kurti also has different sizes. The size ranges from 1X to 5X. But if you find these sizes are not fit for you then you have the option of plus size kurti. Being in fashion the plus size kurti can be easily found.

Kurta vs. kurti:

Now the interesting topic has begun the kurta vs. kurti. The first we will talk about kurtas, the kurtas have also originated from north Indian fashion. The kurtas are referred to men’s wearing. But there is a huge difference between men’s kurta and women’s kurta. The women’s kurta can be worn with pajamas or salwar or with the churidar. The length of the kurta is just above the knees or an inch below the knees. The kurta is a very comfortable and fashionable dress. The fashion of kurta is fashion with culture. The different varieties, sizes, and colors of kurtas are easily available in the market. The women living in US or UK can easily wear it with comfort and style.

Now, we will discuss kurtis. The trend of kurtis also belongs to India. Now this trend has covered the entire world’s clothing market. The new generation wants to look good than before. They are the most fashion seekers. As kurti is shorter and tight kind of dress as compared to kurtas so, many girls like to wear it. As these days the short shirts are in fashion. The kurtis are the best form of short shirts. There are many reasons for choosing to kurtis over western dresses in US and UK.

These reasons are as below:
1. It represents their culture.
2. It covers the whole body.
3. It is easily available in US and UK cloth markets.
4. It is an up-to-date and trendy dress even in US and UK.
5. Every size and color is easily available.

Embroidered and printed kurtas and kurtis:

There is a vast range of designs in kurtas and kurtis. All the variety is available for the women in US and UK too. There are printed designs available in both the forms. The women can take casual as well as the formal kurtas and kurtis. From simple to embroidered kurtas and kurtis can be purchased. Also, the colors range is very vast in kurtas and kurtis. Either the girls are going for shopping or going to attend the parties the kurtas or kurtis are the best trendy outfit for them. A large number of kurtas and kurtis collections can be taken for every occasion.

Plus size kurti tops:

Like kurtas there is also a vast variety of kurti tops available in the markets of US and UK. As we know there is the trend of wearing kurtis. Some bulky girls or women find it difficult to get their required size. But don’t worry girls the plus size kurti tops are here to release your tension and make you up-to-date.
The plus size kurtis tops are available especially for bulky as well as for the tall girls. They can wear it with pants or palazzos. So, the plus size kurtis will be the best choice for bulky and tall ladies.

Online shopping of kurtis

As the time has become faster the facilities are also creeping up. In this era of technology, the use of the internet is greater. Anything of your choice can be purchased online. With the help of one click you can take the things of your choice. For online shopping, you may experience many websites working for this purpose. The online marketing has spread its wings all over the world. No matter where you live and what you order, you can get the thing which you need. The online marketing is becoming the largest selling and purchasing market in the world. As there are many benefits of online marketing people prefer to use it over other sources.

So, same is the case with kurtis. You can purchase online kurtis. Every design and style is available here. Even you may find more sizes are available online than markets. Anything which you feel difficult to find in the market goes for online shopping. The plus size kurti can build trouble for you but, no need to be worried because of online shopping. You can take the plus size kurtis online. In online shopping, you may pick the design as well as the color of your own choice. So, the online shopping is good for purchasing plus size kurtis.

At the end, an important thing to remember is that always pick that fashion or trend which suits you. As we know excess of everything is bad so keep your body structure in your mind first and then go for the shopping. As there are many trends which do not suit you so, try to avoid that. Make sure that you are picking the right size too.