A Maxi dress is typically an informal dress that’s designed to be comfortable yet stylish and sexy. Most maxi dresses are designed to show off the curves with body contour-fitting top up to the waist and flowing loose bottom, sometimes open on the sides with overlapping material to flow with the body movement. Almost always full length, almost touching the floor or at least ankle length showing the body curves on the top and forming a cylinder shape overall with the flowing bottom. Made with fabric that’s soft, free-flowing either 100% cotton or polyester or a blend to suit the occasion or climate and come in a various styles, necklines, borders, sizes, prints and colors.
When choosing a maxi dress one should keep in mind that solid colors look and feel terrific on virtually just about any body type, although these are finest for people who would like to make an illusion of length. Bold and brilliant prints are in particular stunning in the summertime, however petite women should really stick with micro-prints such as paisleys or polka spots. Naturally hourglass as well as full-figured ladies should really keep away from horizontal lines, as these make the body appear bigger.
Maxi dresses by themselves already appear overpowering, therefore ladies should be mindful and also use very little fashion accessories. Simple shoes are best for your relaxed look, however depending on the event, a pair of sparkling new sandals or platform high heel sandals could spruce up a plain outfit. Petite women ought to carry compact handbags or purses, because very big hobo hand bags may overpower their own frames. A pair of jewelry and a large necklace around your neck could instantly take that everyday day look into a formal evening.

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