Plus size western clothing styles for Indian women

Plus size western clothing styles for Indian women

Indian women are by nature shorter than their Western counterparts are. Size wise they may be the same. There are many Indian traditional dresses for the oversize Indian women. We shall now look at some Western outfits for oversize Indian women. You have to admit that having a plus size is a disadvantage in many ways. Most of the designer clothes have the image of a slim liking attractive woman in mind. No one can think of a fat oversized woman while designing such clothes. However, fat women are also beautiful in their own way. As they say, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.”

At one point of time, not in the recent past, fat women were the ultimate in sexiness. Today the “Size Zero” is in vogue. You find women trying to outdo each other in becoming thin. However, we shall restrict our discussion to the top “Plus Size” western clothing styles for Indian women.

  1. Slit Ball Gown Prom Dress:

This is a floor-length skirt having a slit around the left or right knee. This dress is great for revealing a little to attract the roving male eye. These gowns in spite of the sexiness factor are elegant.

  1. Chiffon Maxi dress:

This is a very popular maxi dress for the better-endowed woman. This Chiffon dress is a full-length dress. The long flowing dress extends right up to the flooring level. You can see an inner layer below the outer layer. You can use this inner layer for hiding areas that you may have a problem displaying. This dress can come in various colors and Indian women should choose their color depending upon their compatibility.

  1. Strapless Color Blocking Dress:

This dress can make you look elegant and sexy without drawing much attention towards the tummy or the bust. The oversized women usually have the tummy and the bust size as equal. This dress is the best for concealing the big tummy portion with a black color block. This is a strapless dress and hence you are able to attract the person’s eye towards your shoulders and eyes. You should note not to wear a tight dress.

  1. A-Line Prom Dress:

This is the best dress to hide a big tummy. Women with a similar size right from the shoulders to the waist also would love this design. In case you have a defined waist with large hips, then this dress is not for you. This dress can reveal a lot of skin and hence attract the gaze of men. By keeping the top portion uncovered, you are able to divert the man’s attention from the tummy to the shoulders.

  1. Swing Dress:

This dress was in fashion in the 1950s. This dress is a unique piece of its kind. It features a well-defined bodice, waist, and flaring hips. This dress looks good on women of all sizes. This is a stylish piece of attire now back in fashion very recently.

  1. Ruched Bodice:

The oversized woman naturally has a large bust line. This dress offers the extra bit of support to the bust by holding it in place and preventing it from sagging. This is an elegant prom dress to wear to the parties. Indian women have become fashionable today to experiment with such kinds of bold dressing. This is a perfect dress for the Indian as Indians do have a larger bust line in comparison.

  1. Empire Waist Dress:

Some plus size women have a larger bust and a smaller waist. This particular dress os best suited for such women. They have a classy and trendy look. They are versatile piece of clothing and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Hence, it is easy to find a match. You can just be able to find the dress that suits you.

  1. Brocade Mini dress:

This is a heavy dress. However, it is a beautiful one. The advantage of wearing a brocade dress is that it can easily conceal the problem areas effectively. You have a choice between wearing a strapless gown or a strapped one. You can be able to carry off beautifully in this dress. You should opt for dark colors, as they are more popular.

  1. Corset Ball gown:

This is a piece of luxury giving a sense of royalty to the whole proceedings. The dress has a full flared skirt with a tight waist and bodice. You can lace the corset gown to minimize the waist as per your requirement. This can support a full bust and is ideal for any body shape.

  1. Flutter and Ruffle Dress:

This is a flattering type of a prom dress very popular among the plus size women. This dress features fabric ruffles in the style of a cascading waterfall. This smooths the tummy area without having any effect on the figure.