Six Popular Kurti types every woman should know

Six Popular Kurti types every woman should know

Kurtis are a very popular dress for women in India and Pakistan. Right from a schoolchild to the old grandmother, every woman likes to wear the kurti. This is a comfortable piece of attire. The kurtis come in various types and colors. Designer kurtis have also made their appearance felt in many places. Kurtis offer the perfect blend of style, comfort, and traditional value. You can have kurtis in virtually every kind of fabric. Women wear kurtis as party wear, casual wear, and even as formal office wear. We shall now examine six popular kurti types every woman should know.

  1. Anarkali kurti:

The Anarkali dress has become one of the favorite kurti types with women today. Designers have picked the cue and manufactured the Anarkali kurti to cater to this high demand. This is a graceful piece of clothing that can look resplendent anywhere. The Anarkali kurti is very much similar to the Anarkali suit. The beauty of this Anarkali kurti is that you can wear it as a casual dress and a formal dress as well. You can add a dash of color and it becomes a party wear. Any type of jewelry goes well with the Anarkali kurti. You can flaunt your earrings and anklets and get the feeling of being the real “Anarkali.”

  1. Tail cut Kurti:

This is another favorite kind of kurti among women of all ages. This is usually a party wear kurti. The beauty of this kurti is that it would be short on one side, either at the front or at the back. Usually the front side is shorter than the backside, giving an impression of a tail. Hence the name “tail cut kurti.” This imparts a sense of glamour to the whole apparel. Such a kurti usually includes a “C-cut” either at the waist or at the knee. This does not have a traditional look. You can wear this dress in parties and gatherings. Nowadays, people wear this tail cut kurtis on casual occasions too.

  1. Dhoti style Kurti:

This is a designer wear kurti. This is a recent invention. You can find this dhoti style kurti in many places today. This style has gained huge momentum in recent times. These kurtis have drapes just as the dhotis have. The drapes start from the yoke or the bodice. These are pleated drapes. A lace or a belt usually secures them. There can be buttons to fasten them too at vantage locations. The bottom could be a Churidar or a Salwar. Some women like to wear tight fitting bottoms. They also go nice with the dhoti kurtis. This is an exclusive party wear kurtis with women seldom wearing it on other occasions. Designers have taken cue and many designs are available in the market.

  1. Floor length gown style Kurti:

This is a typical party wear kurti. The kurti flows right until the bottom as a gown. They impart a royal look to the wearer. You can have embroidery work on them. Many designers have printed an asymmetrical hemline along with a perfect border design. This kurti is a full-length one. It will not make a difference in case you ditch the bottom. You can even use mirror work on the upper portion around the neck for added grace. Jewelry of any kind looks great on this kurti. This is the perfect style of garment for heavy women wanting to conceal their weight. Small women usually avoid this dress as this makes them look smaller. This is a perfect dress for tall women. They exude grace on wearing it.

  1. Pakistani Kurtis:

This is only Pakistani kurti in name. They are equally popular in India as well. They are a comfortable piece of clothing. They are also extremely long just like the floor length gown style kurti. The Pakistani Kurti comes in a vibrant range of colors and mirror work. These traditional kurtis are not fit for casual wear. They are excellent for party wear though. You can wear a pair of leggings with these Pakistani kurtis. They go great with them. You can even wear the Salwars with their baggy bottoms as a complementary dress to this Kurti.

  1. Overlay Kurti:

This is a special kind of kurti having multiple layers of fabric on it. You stitch an outer layer over an inner layer. This can look like a voluminous piece of clothing. These are fashionable clothing though. You can wear an embroidered bottom as a complement to this full-length kurti. You can be the cynosure of all eyes at the party. This stylish piece of clothing is in great demand today.

We have seen Six Popular Kurti types every woman should know, there are many more however, we have restricted to the top favorite types of kurti only. No matter what style of kurti you pick, you could see that the kurti is an excellent piece of clothing and well loved by all women of styles.