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So, it’s time to buy your Bridal Lehenga? Buying the Best Lehenga tips

So, it’s time to buy your bridal lehenga?  Congratulations!  Before you jump in and make one of the most important purchases of your life, there are a few things you should consider.  Spend a little time and work your way through this list and you’re sure to pick the perfect outfit for your special day!

  1. Budget

How much are you planning to spend on your dress?  Make sure you leave enough in your budget for alterations and changes you might need to make.  Once you have that amount in mind, it will make shopping much easier.  You don’t want to look at dresses that are above your price range, so that will help eliminate some choices.

  1. Wedding Season and Location

When and where will your wedding be held?  If you are having a summer wedding outside during monsoon season, you don’t want to pick a red velvet lehenga! The velvet is hot and will ruin in the rain.  Have an outdoor wedding?  Avoid net as it will catch on the branches as you walk by.   If you are indoors with temperature controls, your options are a bit broader.  Keep in mind that wedding lehengas are traditionally very heavy and bulky and that your wedding season and location can make things even worse if you don’t choose the right material!

  1. Colors of your Wedding Event

You want to choose colors for your wedding event that compliment your skin tone.  Do you look best in cool color tones like beige or a soft blue?  Or do warm bright colors make you shine like a vivid orange or canary yellow?  While some events have specific color requirements, make sure to choose your bridal dress in a color tone that suits you best.  You can choose a soft buttery yellow for a cool tone, or use that brilliant canary yellow for a warm tone.

3. Colors of your Wedding Event

  1. Your Body Type

Every one of us has a unique body shape.  Some clothing works better on one body shape and is not so great for another.  Here are a few pointers on choosing your bridal lehenga blouse for your body shape:

If you have a small upper body, or are the classical pear shape, you will look best in a keyhole neckline blouse that gives the appearance of a fuller chest, or a spaghetti strap style blouse (make sure to choose a wide enough strap that you have correct support).  Another good choice would be a sheer cocktail blouse, especially if you have pronounced collar bones.

If you have the hourglass figure, equal on bottom and top, then you will look best in a peplum blouse style that fits snugly at the top and has a slight flounce at the hips.  Another good look for you would be the classic boat neck shaped blouse.


If you are plus-sized or have a larger bust, you will look best in a plunging v neckline blouse that shows a bit of skin, or the traditional boat neck blouse.

As far as trends go, off-the-shoulder, open-sleeve, and asymmetrical blouses work well for most types and are the current favorite of Bollywood divas and the cape sleeve style blouse also is a favorite as it looks elegant and flowing.

Wedding Lehnga -Your Body TypesWedding Lehnga -Your Body Types 2

Keep in mind that while many designers focus solely on the skirt of the lehenga, it is your blouse and upper body that will be featured in your photographs, so choose your blouse with as much consideration as the skirt.

  1. Buy Early

You want to buy your wedding attire early in order to guarantee it arrives on time and that you can make any alterations you might need to guarantee a perfect fit!

  1. Buy from a Trusted Vendor or Local Tailor

There are many choices of where to buy your wedding dress.  Although there are many online options now, it is always better if you can shop with a vendor that you know and can trust.  Using a trusted vendor will help cut down on surprises in quality, cut or fit.  If you cannot find a ready-made lehenga that fits perfectly, make some arrangements with your local tailor (again, choose one you know and trust) to make alterations.

With a little forethought and planning, you can avoid having problems with your wedding dress and you will look absolutely perfect on your big day!

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