What to Wear with Your Saree? Spectacular Accessories To Match Any Occasion

What to Wear with Your Saree? Spectacular Accessories To Match Any Occasion

Everyone knows that accessories can make or break your look, so how do you accessorize when you are wearing an elegant saree?

First of all, you need to look at the saree.  Is it a printed saree with few designs or are the designs mostly around the bottom of the dress?  If so, you will want to opt for a chunky jewelry look, for example a statement necklace or maybe chandelier earrings.  If your saree is very ornate with lots of jewels or sequins, you will want to opt for a more delicate set of jewelry so that it doesn’t overtake the dress.

Another thing to consider is the color of the saree.  If the saree is in a bright color, like a bright pink or orange, you might want to try and match the color of the jewelry to the color of the saree.  If the saree is in a traditional red, white or black, you might want to accessorize with a gold or silver tone jewelry to match the traditional look of the color for a perfect saree accessory.

matching saree accessoriesTypically, a saree worn with a delicate jewelry set will include long dangling earrings and a delicate necklace to match.  If choosing chunky jewelry, choose either large bulky earrings OR a chunky statement necklace.  Do not try to wear both, as it will overpower the look of the saree.  Necklace length should be shorter for delicate look necklaces, but if choosing a larger necklace, you might consider going with a longer necklace for effect.

Another key jewelry saree accessory is bangles.  The traditional glass bangles are usually worn in large numbers so that they cover at least half of the forearm.  Many ladies though, opt for a larger metal bangle or two as an alternative to the many glass bangles.  Keep in mind that the saree will leave one arm exposed at all times, which you will definitely want to wear bangles on that arm.  Depending on how you wrap the saree, you may not want bangles on the other arm if the saree drapes over that arm and can catch on the bangles.  For that arm, a large statement ring looks lovely.

Speaking of rings, one large ring, or several smaller rings on both hands are definitely acceptable.

kamar band kamar beltsDepending on the occasion, if you are attending a formal event, you might opt for the red bindi dot on the forehead, between the eyebrows (India) or you might wear a maang-tikka (a jewelry piece that hooks into the hair and dangles down the forehead).  Feeling adventurous?  A nose ring with a chain might be just what you’re looking for!

Looking for something a little trendy?  Belts are in!  ‘Kamar belts’ in metallic gold or silver, or even with little bells hanging off of them are quite stylish worn over the saree and have been used for ages in some regions.  Modernize your look with a leather, beaded cloth or a lace belt .

aishwarya-elegantly embroidered clutchOf course, the hair should be styled with eye catching elegance.  Add a touch of glamour to the hairstyle with beaded clips or pins.

Shoes are a very important detail when wearing a saree. You should opt for a heeled shoe with elegant design.  If you are wearing a closed toe shoe, choose one with some décor around the toe area, or if wearing a strappy sandal design, toe rings and ankle bracelets help add another level of allure.

If the weather is a bit chilly or you would like to have a bit of coverage, a wrap or cardigan in either matching hues or a solid color will be an essential accessory.

And don’t forget to add in the elegantly embroidered clutch or small purse to match.  Choose something that will hold a few essentials like your keys and cell phone.  Look for colors that complement or match the dress, as you don’t want the bag to overshadow your dress.

It’s not difficult to look amazing in a saree, but if you accessorize correctly, it will be striking.  Look to photos of Bollywood stars dressed in sarees to give you a better idea of how to accessorize and show off your saree as a brilliant work of art.